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Diabetic Diet, Symptoms
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Diabetes Diet  


Info on Proven Natural Treatments & Diet for Diabetics

The Diabetes, Weight Loss and Diet web site focuses on scientifically verified traditional and alternative ways of treating, preventing and managing diabetes, offering a glycemic index diet and information about the American Diabetes Association diet.  Here is a true story of a man who was able to stop insulin shots with this special low glycemic diabetic diet and exercise.  Check out our  diabetes and diet discussions

Here are some new articles on how to use your glucose meter to create your own customized diabetes diet, very low glycemic index foods list, best foods for diabetics, diabetes research, and a diet for the diabetic.  In addition, there is a great recipe for a home made diabetes meal replacement drink smoothie

You will find information on early signs symptoms of diabetes and treatments to help you manage them effectively as well as information on assessing your diabetes risk.

There is also a program we call the cure for diabetes that allows you to take charge of your diabetes symptoms and your health. This program may allow you to avoid the use of medication. Most diabetes medications have side effects that are better avoided.

The 7 steps in the diabetes cure which include preventing and treating diabetes, diabetic nutritional supplements, diet, weight loss,  plus exercise for diabetes.  Following the suggestions in these articles can also help to prevent diabetes symptoms.

The information that we include here about alternatives to the traditional medical model for treating diabetic symptoms are backed by extensive scientific evidence.

On this Web site you will find:

PREVENTING DIABETES: There are actually lots of things you can do to prevent diabetes, which is a sometimes lethal disease. In addition, it has been scientifically proven that the right diet and exercise can reduce or remove the need for diabetes medication. Remember, when changing anything about your diet or exercise, if you already have diabetes, be sure to talk with your doctor to get advice.

Diabetes Symptoms and the Diabetes Cure

This section of the site covers seven major areas that you, as a person with diabetic symptoms, can change and take control of including weight control, exercise and diet (possibly using the glycemic index). If you follow the suggestions on these pages, you will find your health improving along with your symptoms.

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