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Celebrities now share personal experiences with breast cancer by wearing breast cancer awareness bracelets to show their solidarity.


















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 Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet

By Renee O'Donnell

As you know, the breast cancer awareness bracelet helps to support new treatment research for breast cancer. It's one symbol of the outspoken courage found among women facing this challenge today. Luckily, celebrities like Melissa Etheridge are stepping forward to share their personal stories.

Many famous women have survived breast cancer. Just a few prominent survivors include Diahan Carrol, Suzanne Sommers, Olivia Newton John, Cokie Roberts, Nancy Reagan and Patti LaBelle. Because of the refreshing new public attitude, many of them are now willing to talk about their experiences openly. 

Betty Ford, wife of former president Gerald Ford was the first courageous woman to discuss her cancer in public. In 1974, only seven weeks after her husband took office, she publicly announced her surgery. At the time, this was an unprecedented action, but her candor opened the door for heightened breast cancer awareness and the eventual development of breast cancer awareness bracelets.

With the advent of pink breast cancer awareness bracelet along with the new more enlightened attitude, celebrities are admitting to breast cancer surgery and more.

Recently, Melissa Etheridge appeared at the Grammy's with her bald head--and she boldly rocked the stage with her dynamic performance as she moved and motivated everyone present. She also has spoken at length on her web site about her experience with breast cancer, along with details about her surgery,  recovery and follow up treatment. Her fans have responded with love, support, and overwhelming solidarity. In fact, many of them wear pink breast cancer awareness bracelets to show their support for Melissa.

Several books have been written by celebrity women, documenting in surprising detail their first emotional reaction to diagnosis, the travails of surgery, and decisions about follow up treatments. Two of the courageous women who wrote such books are TV anchor, Betty Rollin and actress Ann Jillian.

We’re lucky today that we have a new, open attitude about breast cancer in general. The proof of this attitude is the fact that so many people are wearing the pink breast cancer awareness bracelet, to remind them of those who are recovering from breast cancer treatment.  With the pink bracelet, we get to show our support and admiration for the indomitable  spirit of the famous women who are sharing their inspiring stories for the first time in "herstory."

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Renee O'Donnell is a writer, photographer and graphic artist


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