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Breast Cancer Awareness, Stop Breast Cancer Now

Many of the causes of breast cancer are environmental, in fact the American Cancer Society estimates that over 30% of all cancers are caused by lifestyle factors that could easily be modified.

With newer research available about the causes of this disease and our current heightened level of breast cancer awareness, it is entirely possible to stop this cancer before it gets a hold in your body. Unfortunately, many things in our environment and diet contribute to cancers of all kinds. But, luckily, we can control our exposure to these toxic elements.

First, there are pesticides and hormones, found in rather large quantities in our food. Some of these chemicals are xenoestrogens which may attach to cells in our bodies normally occupied by naturally produced estrogen. When this happens, disease may start to develop and breast cancer awareness with regard to prevention becomes important.

Next, many women today eat diets high in refined sugar and flour products which help to feed cancer cells and cause their proliferation. Breast cancer awareness helps us to understand how both high fat and highly refined carbohydrate diets have been associated with breast cancer.

Part of our dietary problem is caused by the hormones and unnatural diets of the animals producing our milk, cheese, meat and eggs. No doubt, this is contributing to ever increasing rates of breast cancer. In the past, farm animals ate healthy grass and clover from pastures with very little processed dry food. Chickens wandered around eating insects and plants. It is probable that the highly processed foods fed to the animals we eat today, which may be laced with toxins, pesticides, fungicides, hormones and more, are the real problem.

Exercise and Breast Cancer Awareness

Did you know that there is a proven relationship between the development of breast cancer and a lack of exercise? The rates are highest among women who exercise least. Nowadays we often donít exercise as much as we need to in order for our bodies to cleanse and remove toxins that build up. Our lymph systems, which work really hard, need aerobic exercise in order to succeed in house cleaning our inner world.

Another possible problem we face daily is the various chemicals in the skin and body care products we use. Skin creams and makeup, deodorants, sun screens and hair dyes are just a few of the potential offenders. Many of them contain questionable ingredients including petroleum products and other synthetic additives. Breast cancer awareness can help us to avoid these toxins by using natural products free of these chemicals.

So what else should we be doing in our everyday lives to prevent breast cancer and to increase our awareness? Read part II.

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