All another style. Portrait of today’s men (at the table)

Each generation is different from the previous one, we know. Seamless. We take men, for example: contemporary man distinguishes himself from his father, or his grandfather, in many ways. And it is precisely on those who went to investigate Doxa / Unaitalia , highlighting how the male lifestyle has changed. Especially at the table . Today’s men do the shopping, they love cooking and they choose what they eat well.

Be careful about wellness. Active in choosing what to eat, which products to buy. Today’s men no longer entrust the role of kitchen management to their wife / companion. Indeed, emerges from the investigation, begin to overcome women in terms of attention to what they eat. The survey was conducted on a sample of men aged 20 to 54 years.

Contemporary man, wellness prevails in the kitchen

7 out of 10 men (70%) claim to do the shopping and to take care of the purchases of the house. 66% say they care more about their nutrition and well-being. Contemporary man devotes himself to cooking, always or sometimes, and for pleasure. More than 90% of respondents state this. According to the survey, 41% of today’s men say they always cook, sometimes 47%, when they feel inspired, while only 4% say they cook only if they have to. Cooking is relaxing, allows you to escape, and especially to be more attentive to nutrition, say the respondents.

In fact, 50% of the men who took part in the survey said they were treating their diet. Without excessive worry, but always with a minimum of attention. 36% are still considered ‘casual’ at the table. According to the survey, in the last five years, contemporary man has increased consumption of chicken and turkey, fish and vegetables , considered allies of physical fitness, as well as versatile in the kitchen. But the favorite menu is composed of pasta , as a first course, and chicken per second. 43% of those interviewed said they consumed at least one plate of pasta a day, and all or almost (94%) brought it to the table at least once a week.

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