All another style. Portrait of today’s men (at the table)

Each generation is different from the previous one, we know. Seamless. We take men, for example: contemporary man distinguishes himself from his father, or his grandfather, in many ways. And it is precisely on those who went to investigate Doxa / Unaitalia , highlighting how the male lifestyle has changed. Especially at the table . Today’s men do the shopping, they love cooking and they choose what they eat well.

Be careful about wellness. Active in choosing what to eat, which products to buy. Today’s men no longer entrust the role of kitchen management to their wife / companion. Indeed, emerges from the investigation, begin to overcome women in terms of attention to what they eat. The survey was conducted on a sample of men aged 20 to 54 years.

Contemporary man, wellness prevails in the kitchen

7 out of 10 men (70%) claim to do the shopping and to take care of the purchases of the house. 66% say they care more about their nutrition and well-being. Contemporary man devotes himself to cooking, always or sometimes, and for pleasure. More than 90% of respondents state this. According to the survey, 41% of today’s men say they always cook, sometimes 47%, when they feel inspired, while only 4% say they cook only if they have to. Cooking is relaxing, allows you to escape, and especially to be more attentive to nutrition, say the respondents.

In fact, 50% of the men who took part in the survey said they were treating their diet. Without excessive worry, but always with a minimum of attention. 36% are still considered ‘casual’ at the table. According to the survey, in the last five years, contemporary man has increased consumption of chicken and turkey, fish and vegetables , considered allies of physical fitness, as well as versatile in the kitchen. But the favorite menu is composed of pasta , as a first course, and chicken per second. 43% of those interviewed said they consumed at least one plate of pasta a day, and all or almost (94%) brought it to the table at least once a week.

Quesadillas, the Mexican snack is also veg

Tortillas are omnipresent in Mexican cuisine. They are prepared in a thousand ways, used as bread, fried, rolled up, filled and baked. They are prepared with different flours of different sizes. In this vast culinary world, we want to offer you the recipe for the simplest, but very tasty, quesadillas . That is a kind of piadina filled with cheese, which is eaten as a snack (with the addition of meat, vegetables, black beans, avocado and so on and so forth). We offer it in veg version, with vegetables, but if you want vegan you can replace the cheese with a racy vegetable.

Quesadillas: prepare tortillas

The tortilla that serves as ‘piadina’ is prepared with a special white corn flour called masa harina. If you do not find it you can replace it with wheat flour and super-fine corn flour (like foil) in equal parts. For about 6 tortillas you will use 200 grams of flour, 175 grams of warm water, a teaspoon of salt. In a bowl, add the flour and salt, and add the water a little at a time, stirring well. Work the dough until you get a homogeneous, soft ball that comes off your hands. Divide it into 6 balls, which you will then flatten with a rolling pin. There is a special tool to press the balls of dough and make tortillas, but is hardly found in Italian homes. To avoid sticking to the rolling pin, use a sheet of parchment paper during the application.

Heat a non-stick pan, and cook each tortilla for a few minutes, until it becomes golden on both sides. It is not a problem if it inflates. You can also bake tortillas in the oven on a non-greased baking dish, about 5 minutes per side.


The filling of the quesadillas is cheese . To ‘imitate’ the Mexican queso you can use scamorza (not smoked) or any soft and stringy cheese, but with a delicate flavor. Mozzarella is too watery, avoid it. For a Mexican touch you can add sliced ​​avocados, black beans, tomatoes and onions in small pieces, and some spice like coriander, cumin and paprika.

Alternatively, you can bake some watery vegetables such as pumpkin, aubergine and mushrooms. Or add corn and freshly cooked peppers.

Once you have filled half the tortilla with the chosen condiments, close it in half and heat it back into the pan for the cheese to become stringy. Accompany with spicy sauces, sour cream,

The effect of smoking on dental health

Reasons to quit smoking

If you are a smoker, here are some reasons to consider quitting and enjoy the benefits of a beautiful and healthy smile.

Oral disorders

Smoking interrupts the assimilation of calcium in the body and can cause life-threatening diseases such as oral cavity cancer. Smokers have a greater incidence of gum disease (periodontitis) and loss of bone mass and associated tooth loss. In addition, smokers may experience gingival disorders even without any signs of bleeding.

Aging, stains and yellowing of the teeth

With today’s media promotion, American women who always want to look young are increasing day by day. But although smoking is a major cause of aging of the mouth (not to mention the spots and yellow teeth), over 22 million women in the United States smoke cigarettes, according to the Center for Disease Control.

What to expect from teeth whitening

Have you decided to have whiter teeth? The first step is to make sure that your expectations are realistic.

It is important not to expect a dazzling smile from a movie star, because everyone’s teeth react differently to the peroxide.

You may expect faster bleaching results if you choose a dentist whitening session. These procedures are safe, even if you could develop sensitivity to the teeth and gums, an inconvenience that can be solved with the completion of the whitening procedure. It is not uncommon for the tooth color “to return to normal” a week or two after treatment, which is why using a product at home can help keep the results longer.

By submitting to a whitening procedure at the dental office, the dentist applies a whitening solution directly to the teeth and may use a laser or other special devices to accelerate the teeth whitening process. You may see results already at the first treatment, but you can choose to undergo more than one treatment to achieve the desired effect. A whitening treatment for the teeth at the dental practice lasts from 30 to 60 minutes varying between € 450 and € 900 for the entire mouth.

How long can the benefits last? It depends in part on your habits. If you smoke or drink a lot of coffee or tea, you may need another treatment after a few years.

Have you already tried the cold brew coffee?

It’s one of the latest fashions at the bar, which has been in vogue for a couple of years. And that tells a truly international story. The cold brew coffee comes from America. And it should not be confused with cold coffee, usually served on ice, perhaps with milk and syrup. The “brew” is simply a coffee, but cold prepared. With a very special process.

Cold brew coffee: with which procedure is it carried out?

The coffee grounds are immersed in water for up to 24 hours to produce a concentrated essence, which is then diluted as desired and served cold. Coffee fanatics say that this procedure enhances the properties of the beans, especially when they come from different origins, which do not stand out in a traditional hot water infusion. Creating a refreshing, highly aromatic and fruity result.

Cold brew coffee is sweet. Even sweeter than the traditional American one. It is also a greener option because it does not require heat or electricity. The new coffee, which has long been targeted by hipsters and more international bars, has also become an offer of the main food chains. Like Starbucks, who announced his name. Nitro, currently only available in selected stores in London and Manchester.

Nitro coffee is already great in the United States and is created by adding nitrogen to cold coffee. And that is stored in barrels. Then infused with gaseous nitrogen while being released through a pressurized valve with very small holes. This allows you to drink a cold and silky drink with a creamy black head.

If you need something alcoholic, there are also cold coffee liquors. Let’s talk about Conker Cold Brew, available from Borough Wines and The Whiskey Exchange. According to Rupert Holloway, one of the managers of Conker Cold Brew, the beauty of cold coffee is in its simplicity. And he concludes: “It is a simple and delicate process that makes the beauty of coffee beans speak”.

6 risks that runs those who do not keep diabetes under control

Keeping diabetes under control is very important, but unfortunately some people do not take care of their health as they should, and within a few years they could develop very serious complications.

Let’s find out together which is: 

  • Cholesterol and blood pressure levels are raised , a risk factor for stroke, heart disease and memory problems; high blood sugar can also damage veins, arteries and heart, which can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke
  • Eyesight : Blood glucose levels can damage the delicate blood vessels in the eye, and cause vision problems
  • Kidney problems : about half of those who do not control diabetes may have kidney damage and kidney failure
  • Nerve problems : at first you may feel only a slight tingling or numbness in your hands or feet, but in the long run, neuropathy can cause pain , weakness and digestive disorders
  • You may lose a foot : a wrong step or a pebble in the shoe can cause a small ulcer, which you may not notice because of the numbness; poor circulation can slow healing, and the end result could be a spreading infection that spreads to the bone
  • Life is shortened : all these health problems can lead to an early death .