Diabetes Information,
Overview and Statistics

Here is some additional diabetes information, including risk factors for diabetes type 2.  This  information can help you to figure out when you need to go to your doctor for a diabetes test.

Diabetes Information

Diabetes is a potentially serious disease, most commonly occurring in people over the age of 40. This variation of the disease is called diabetes type 2.

Diabetes is a chronic disease where your body is either unable to produce insulin or it is not able to use the available insulin. It’s important to get the proper diabetes information in order to control or prevent symptoms.  Often there is plenty of insulin (a hormone produced by the pancreas) in the body but there is insulin resistance which means that for some reason, your body is not able to use this hormone.

Insulin is required to convert starches, sugars and some other types of food into energy to fuel your body. Without effective insulin production and use, your blood sugar rises and causes many problems. Low glycemic food, complex carbs, proteins and reishi mushrooms help prevent diabetes.

Diabetes Information
Statistics in the U.S.

U.S. government statistics state that over 16 million Americans are suffering from diabetes type 2. Almost 5.4 million of these people have no idea that they even have this chronic disease. That’s why information on diabetes is so important.  The symptoms of diabetes are easy to overlook and meanwhile major damage may be occurring in your body. In 1995, complications of diabetes accounted for 187,800 deaths and it was the seventh major cause of death in that year.

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