Have you already tried the cold brew coffee?

It’s one of the latest fashions at the bar, which has been in vogue for a couple of years. And that tells a truly international story. The cold brew coffee comes from America. And it should not be confused with cold coffee, usually served on ice, perhaps with milk and syrup. The “brew” is simply a coffee, but cold prepared. With a very special process.

Cold brew coffee: with which procedure is it carried out?

The coffee grounds are immersed in water for up to 24 hours to produce a concentrated essence, which is then diluted as desired and served cold. Coffee fanatics say that this procedure enhances the properties of the beans, especially when they come from different origins, which do not stand out in a traditional hot water infusion. Creating a refreshing, highly aromatic and fruity result.

Cold brew coffee is sweet. Even sweeter than the traditional American one. It is also a greener option because it does not require heat or electricity. The new coffee, which has long been targeted by hipsters and more international bars, has also become an offer of the main food chains. Like Starbucks, who announced his name. Nitro, currently only available in selected stores in London and Manchester.

Nitro coffee is already great in the United States and is created by adding nitrogen to cold coffee. And that is stored in barrels. Then infused with gaseous nitrogen while being released through a pressurized valve with very small holes. This allows you to drink a cold and silky drink with a creamy black head.

If you need something alcoholic, there are also cold coffee liquors. Let’s talk about Conker Cold Brew, available from Borough Wines and The Whiskey Exchange. According to Rupert Holloway, one of the managers of Conker Cold Brew, the beauty of cold coffee is in its simplicity. And he concludes: “It is a simple and delicate process that makes the beauty of coffee beans speak”.

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