Healthy Coffee Drinks

Almost every coffee user is not sure if coffee is guilty of various diseases. Recently conducted researches proved that drinking coffee doesn`t increase the chance of getting cancer or some heart diseases. However, coffee still can have an influence on some conditions. Because of that fact, many baristas are attempting to create healthy coffee-based beverages.

If you have an espresso machine at your home, you can control all the ingredients put in your cup of coffee. You can put the right quantity of caffeine and other healthier ingredients. Check out some of the health benefits associated with espresso.

Also, you will avoid wasting your money in the cafe bar, where you don`t have full control. We will present you five coffee-based drinks that you can make at your home. With the right ingredient dosing, we can say that they are healthy.

Frozen Mochaccino

This beverage has a low level of calories, so you shouldn`t worry about it. You can use both espresso and regular coffee with one ice cube. If you use stevia or milk with low fat, it only gets better. The best thing about this drink is, you can create it in a matter of minutes.

Vanilla Chiller

You can make this beverage to be a vegetarian drink. Choose between skim, rice, soy, cashew or coconut milk. After the milk, you can add some spices to improve its flavor. You should add nutmeg or cinnamon. Avoiding the sugar would be probably the best choice with this one. There is no need for that with this refreshment.

Frozen Latter with Honey and Cinnamon

If you need something light and sweet, you should try this. You can use some kind of organic or coconut milk in this drink. Also, cinnamon and honey are ingredients with a low level of fat. So, you don`t need to use any kind of sugar or sweetener. It can be made in about five minutes.

Honey Coffee

We can say that this is a copy of the British tradition of drinking tea with honey. Here we are presenting you with a coffee with honey inside. Honey is a perfect substitute for sugar. Plus, honey adds a whole new flavor to the particular drink. With adding other spices, you can make this refreshment more complex and tastier than it is.

Coconut Frappuccino

We are certain you will encounter this beverage in your local coffee shop. The reason is, its ingredients are very common in other types of drinks. You have only three ingredients of coffee, banana, and a coconut. As you probably saw from the list of elements needed, it is a perfect drink to have in your diet.


In the modern world coffee is a massively popular beverage. And, there are many different types of coffee itself. There is a great number of coffee-based drinks created over the years. Very few of them can be called healthy. We presented you the best ones in this category. Do you need a vegan coffee, milk free, or low carb? No problem. Surely you can find something that suits you.